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Mandela Day Story: The Story of Dorothy Adams and the Vulnerable Couple

The Couple migrated from Villiersdorp and Calvinia, they met in Firgrove. Uncle Hennie was employed at Telkom and worked in the GPO-camp. Anty Ansie was a Domestic worker and worked for Muslims in Saltriver. The couple got married on the 3rd June 1995 and now the couple are living all by themselves.

Dorothy Adams Adherence Counsellor employed by Masincedane started the journey with the son who uses to sit on the corner squirreling for food to eat. She uses to provide him with food and that is how she met the Mom and Dad. The second eldest brother is blind and Dorothy also provided him with food. Dorothy noticed that the family are very vulnerable and the living conditions were poor. Previously the (EPWP CHW’s) intervened and tried to assist and help the couple, unfortunately their contract was terminated.

One afternoon, Dorothy decided to pay a visit to the couple and noticed that there was no food to eat and that the Uncle was Bedridden and is Asthmatic too. Immediately her heart cries out to help the couple because both of them are reliant on a Disability Grant. The same day she asked the couple’s permission to revamp, upgrade and cleaning their house. Both of them agreed and gave consent that she can include other role-players too. Dorothy Adams is a dedicated individual and tackle any task, she is passionate about her work, community and society and always try to show love and to make a difference.

Dorothy Adams is well-known by her Community. She is a humble, energetic and vibrant person and always walks an extra mile to reach out to the homeless and vulnerable in her community. A real activist in her own capacity. Dorothy immediately approach Kagiso (OT) Occupational Therapist at Masincedane and her fellow collegues and CHW’s. She explained the situation to all role players. Everybody voluntarily agreed and avail themselves. Dorothy Adams contributed items and it also includes the following role-player who contributed.

Bernard and Louise van Zyl donated the curtains and BENBEL the paint & brushes (Both parties from Somerset West).Martha Ross and Jasmiena Samuels also contributed and are both working at Masincedane as Adherence Counsellors.Kagiso (OT-Masincedane): Wheelchair and a Walker, Food parcel and Clothes. Her husband and 2 kids set time aside to help renovating the shack.Pick a Pay sponsored food parcels and Clothes.

Ongoing services are rendered by Volunteers in the Community e.g. the neighbour doing their washing on a weekly basis. (Dorothy provide the Washing Powder).Izolden Lotz (CHW) bed bath the couple three times a week.Almarie (CHW) sorted their chronic medication and see that they adhere to their medication.

Dorothy and all the role-players didn’t mind the condition of the shack and humbly tackled the task despite of the circumstances. Uncle Hennie was so excited when they covered their beds with clean linen, he insisted to be bed-bath because he laughed and said that he doesn’t want to dirty his bed.

Even after the Mandela Day the couple’s memories will linger and the couple will cherish every moment when they look back. The purpose of the Mandela Day reflects on the legacy of Madiba by cementing a culture of Volunteerism. The focus for 2018 Mandela Day is Shelter, Volunteerism, Education, Literacy and Food Security.

We from Masincedane are very proud of Dorothy Adams because she ticked all the boxes as required on Mandela Day. She is an inspiration and voluntarily decided to lend a hand to an elderly Vulnerable couple who was at the Edge of giving up. Dorothy believes through her gesture the broader Community will also reach out.Even After the Mandela Day Event the Couple memories will linger and they will cherish every moment when they look back.

Despite of Dorothy’s own challenges she manage to put a smile on the couple’s faces and helping to restore their Dignity and Humanity.

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