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Acc name: Deposit Hope


Account Type: Savings Account  

Acc number: 9309463263

Bank: Absa

Branch code: 632005

Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

NPO 004 464  |  PBO 930001127

If you’d like to donate towards something specific, please specify this in the reference (for example: study material) – and please send us your email address so we can thank you!


Why we need your support:

  • Clients / patients who are referred by provincial and municipal health facilities i.e. day hospitals and clinics pay nothing for the home based care service. No income is generated and the organisation depends on the subsidy received from the government.

  • Training of new learners is not included in any subsidy and funds have to be found from private sector organisations. The commitment fee per learner per course does not cover the training material, a transport subsidy, running and administrative costs and facilitators’ / trainers’ fees.

  • Employers who are linked with employees through the employment agency are asked for a voluntary contribution to help cover the costs, but this amounts to only a small percentage of the amount needed.

It is clear, therefore, that fundraising is an ongoing activity which places a heavy burden on the under-staffed organisation. Money to pay for a fundraiser is not available and this places a heavy burden on the chairperson of the organisation and the administrative manager who have to prepare and type proposals and reports.

Because of Masincedane’s excellent track record, well-motivated and complete applications to potential funders, and meticulous reporting on all its activities, it has been possible so far to obtain the necessary funding from the Western Cape Provincial Government, the City of Cape Town, foundations associated with the corporate sector, and overseas funders.

However, most of the funding is only for a limited period, typically one year, with no guarantee that grants will be renewed after expiry

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