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Placement Manager: Marcel Coetzee

The Masincedane Employment Agency which is registered as such by the Department of Labour is linked to the training programme run by Masincedane.

The employment bureau registers unemployment jobseekers for a minimum administration fee of R5. These jobseekers must also produce a valid SA identification document. They should also bring any certificate or references along to support the information required on the registration form to be filled in at the placement office.

After registration forms have been filled in by the jobseeker the Masincedane placement personnel will discuss how the jobseeker can improve his/her chance of finding a job. The jobseeker will be advised to do the Cleaning and Food Preparation training if they have very little or no job experience. If jobseekers have a good reference or two then the possibility for further employment exists and training is not initially presented as an option. In this instance help will be provided in the form of facilitating interviews with potential employers.

Masincedane placement personnel then connects employers with jobseekers i.e. those jobseekers with references and those who have been through the cleaning and / or food preparation training. Masincedane does not charge a specific fee for this service, but rely on the employers making a small monetary donation.

Lastly Masincedane placement personnel follow up investigations of jobseekers who have been placed at employers. This is mainly to determine if both parties are satisfied with the placement. It also enables Masincedane to relate success stories to funders and other interested parties.

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