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Masincedane offers inter-related occupationally based courses, trains and places learners in the Helderberg area only.


Target Group / Direct Beneficiaries:

Unemployed work seekers from the developing communities in the Helderberg and who comply to the following entry requirements:

1) Valid SA ID document (18 years and older)

2) Literacy (read and write) in 2 of the 3 official languages of the Western Cape


3) Registered as an unemployed work seeker with the Masincedane employment agency


4) Have paid R5 for administrative costs and

5) R20 commitment fee for each course entered / attended


Masincedane runs a holistic home based care service in co-operation with provincial and local health authorities, for people who cannot afford expensive health services and by doing so teach communities to take responsibility for their own health.


The Masincedane Employment Agency which is registered as such by the Department of Labour is linked to the training programme run by Masincedane.

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