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Masincedane runs a holistic home based care service in co-operation with provincial and local health authorities, for people who cannot afford expensive health services and by doing so teach communities to take responsibility for their own health. Clients must be referred to Masincedane by Community Health Centres run by Provincial or Municipal authorities.

Volunteers in the community are trained as carers to deal with minor ailments and other tasks at patients’ homes. This developed as a result of Masincedane’s involvement since 1992 with health and nutrition. In 1998 the Department of Health (PGWC) subsidised the first group of 8 workers. The number of workers now employed has grown to 106 which are subsidised by the Provincial Health Department of the Western Cape. These “carers” are supervised by 5 qualified enrolled staff nurses who are subsidised by the Provincial Health Department.


  • The empowerment of communities by increasing confidence in existing health services i.e. provide education and information. 

  • Perform duties prescribed by the Department of Health.

  • To run support groups for “chronic care lifestyle” i.e. for people / elderly / disabled who need chronic care.

  • To encourage workers to follow a healthy lifestyle. All workers and learners are well informed about the causes and how to handle HIV / AIDS in the workplace.


Personal Hygiene

  • Bathing

  • Shaving

  • Bed bath

  • Care of pressure parts

  • Cut finger nails

  • Cut toe nails

  • Clean teeth

  • Care of the mouth and lips

  • Wash Hair

Client Mobility

  • Exercise limbs

  • Take patient for a walk

  •  Assist patient to chair


  • Change bed linen

  • Clean and tidy room


  • Supervise / administer medication


D.O.T.S (Daily Observed Therapy, Stat Dose)

  • Administer

  • Recall defaulters

Basic Dressings

Stoma Therapy

Time Out for Family


  • Keep time sheets

  • Attend monthly meetings and in service training

  • Do group work: geriatric, disabled & foot care.

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