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A new start: Painting Masincedane

15 October 2016

We are excited to announce our first ever Community Painting Project. Our work brings hope to many people, and has been doing so since 1992- but our building is in dire need of a visual make-over. We want people that walk or drive past our building to know, to see and to feel a very tangible sense of HOPE when they pass by. We also wanted to find a way to involve families and members of the community in a fun way that brings everyone together- Hence the birth of our "COLOUR WITH HOPE" Project.


What is the big idea?

We are planning to paint the walls up in sunshine and flowers, and to have fun as families, students, staff, teachers and all members of the community come together to make individual contributions by way of painting a small part of the wall. There will be live music and hot dogs and maybe a jumping castle or two, but without a doubt there will be a LOT of colour. So dress up in some old clothes and come and join us for a day in which our grey building will be transformed into a beacon of joy, colour and HOPE.


Envisioning our painting project.

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