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Our vision is a community in which unemployment is eradicated and people take responsibility for their own health, and enjoy full access to appropriate resources.



Our Mission is to develop people, especially unemployed people, socially, economically, and emotionally.


  • To help to build a community in which unemployed work seekers with little or no employable skills training, can develop their potential and are able to find and keep jobs.

  • To succeed and excel in delivering ETD (education, training and development programmes) which will help unemployed work seekers to find and keep jobs. Run a registered placement bureau to link learners / unemployed work seekers with potential employers.

  • Run a quality and comprehensive community home based care service which is accessible and appropriate to communities. Promote self-help in communities to take responsibility for their own health.

  • To render services in co-operation with local & provincial authorities as well as other NPO’s and the private sector.


  • To empower unemployed work seekers through quality skills training using applicable ETQA (Education Training Qualification Authority) unit standards e.g. HWSeta (Health and Welfare Seta) and Theta (Tourism & hospitality Seta)

  • To equip learners with quality skills for social development projects in the micro and survivalist sectors [Poverty alleviation]

  • To improve the lives of unemployed work seekers within the shortest period of time which is logistically feasible

  • To educate learners to take pride in whatever tasks they have to perform especially in Home Based Care (HBC) of patients and in the hospitality industry

  • To link learners with potential employers [Income generation]

  • To support the objectives as is the aim of the Employment Equity Act (Act 55 of 1998)

  • To play a role in the prevention and spread of HIV / Aids and to educate HIV+ workers to successfully cope with the above disease To establish and promote a culture of life long learning To address community poverty

  • To improve learners’ self esteem To motivate workers / learners to have goals

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