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What is C-SHARP?

C-SHARP is a research project that will study and monitor the living conditions and health of people living in Nomzamo.  There is a second research site in Bishop Lavis.  There are many researchers working together on this project, and this research is also part of a bigger research network in South Africa.

The study will help us to understand:

-        How many people live in Nomzamo (the number of births and deaths,         how many people move in and out of Nomzamo)

-         The living conditions of people in Nomzamo (access to water, toilets and electricity)

-        The main health problems in Nomzamo

-        The challenges people face with education and employment

Community health workers will be helping to collect information for the research, by asking additional questions during their home visits. The services that they provide will remain the same and will always be more important than the research.

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